It's all about You, your Team, your Organisation, your Company

CPC offers consulting and services covering all aspects of corporate communications as well as coaching for individuals and teams.

Communication is the link between between human beings - between individuals and teams. Everybody sends and receives verbal and nonverbal messages.

Coaching puts the individual in the center: the focus lies on its identity and its role in different systemic relations - in the family, in business, in society, ...

Corporate Communications' interests in human beings are slightly different: they look at them as individuals and as  members of a target group. Strategies put in clear messages give structure to the world.

CPC stands for Services in Coaching and Corporate  Communications

The CPC Management Team are Coaches, Consultants as well as Dialog and Sparring Partners to their Customers

Relationship between CPC ant it's customers are characterized by mutual respect and esteem!

We listen, we coach, we advize, we give feedbackwe inspire, we implement!

We add value to individuals, teams and organizations