Your Topics

Identity, role and behavior in the organisation/in your environment

  • My place within my organisation/my environment? Which roles do I play and how can I balance them? How do I see myself in my relationship with my colleagues, my partner, my fellow human beings? How getting more independent from other's judgement? How to improve my self-marketing/my self-presentation? How do I communicate with whom in my organisation? How do I lead / motivate which staff member? How to optimise my communication?


Time and self-management

  • What drives me? How to distinguish urgent and from important issues? Am I a proactive planner? How do I delegate things? Do I know about my mental blockades and how to torn them down?  


Looking at and planning your career

  • What led to the point where I stand today? Why am I so insatisfied with what I do? What makes me so tired? What are my real passions/my specific capacities/my values? Which organisation/company suits me best? Where and how can I shape my professional envirenment? How can I chang things?


Planning of curriculum vitae

  • Where am I particularily good in? What makes me happy? What's really important in my life? Whom do I admire and what for? Which of my capabilities and attitudes do my colleagues apppreciate? 


Decision making

  • How do I decide between two alternatives? Who is concerned by my decision?