The Process

Get to know each other

  • You name your expectations and your concerns.
  • I explain to you what we can achieve, which approach I take and where the limits are.
  • Finally we both agree if or if not we want to work together.

Define your concerns and goals

  • The two first sessions are intended to sytematise and to visualise your concerns and
  • to define your goals: What exactly – measured against a set of specific criteria defined – do you want to achieve in which period of time?

Analyse the situation and plan the process 

  • Adjusted on your specific concerns we establish your actual profile and that of your environment.
  • The comparison between actual and target profile allows the joint development of an individual action planning.

Implement the defined measures

  • You implement the measures defined beyond the coaching situation and test new behavior.
  • During the coaching sessions we discuss success and/or analyse resistance. We reprocess both in theorethical and practical exercises.

Evaluate achievements and individual status

  • After the some sessions we assess and control the goal achievement.
  • We compare actual and targeted situation and review the initial concerns as well as the formulation of the goals.