SiC - Sparring in Communications

A special approach:

Sparring in Communications is a particular relationship amongst experts, a costum-made service meeting your specific requirements. Roles and mapping may differ but it's always a diskrete setting, face-to-face, strictly confidential, to the point: sparring at eye level.


A holisitc approach

... for the first and second management levels in corporate communications...

... for senior managers of PR agencies

... for senior managers of all industry sectors, who want to challenge and optimise their communication strategy

... covering all topics of internal and external communications: strategy, organization, processes, project planing, content, measures, etc.

... custom-made, face-to-face, discreet, ... in the background

... with Heimo Prokop as your sparring-partner. Adapting to the respective task: giving input, coaching, advizing, challenging or just listening.

SiC target groups

First and second management level of coporate communications

Heads of PR agencies and team members managing big costumer projects

Senior management of all industry sectors 

SiC- topics